We have done all the work for you by creating some stylish in house designed themes that are magical, convenient, cost efficient and fun! See below


Book your party in advance, and we will help you executing your vision. We have different plain and printed fabrics and accessories that we can perfectly MIX and MATCH to create other themes. We need at least 2 months in advance to be able to create these themes.

  • Dinosaurs and Reptiles theme: Using our Camouflage/ Dark Blue Fabric.

  • A night in Paris theme : Black and Pink

  • Pirates / Nautical theme: Dark Blue, Red and White

  • Hockey theme: Red and White

  • Hollywood Night theme: Black, White and Golden

  • Catch your dreams theme: Turquoise, White

  • Aqua theme: Blue, Turquoise, White. Perfect for Mermaids, Shells or other ocean related theme.


We have also fabrics and accessories to create a spectacular

  • BOO Theme for Halloween: White, Black, Orange

  • Christmas Spirit theme: Red, White (Green) or White, Black and Silver