Summer Bucket List

 #gleetribe #eastcoastslumberspecialts#slumberpartyspecialists #sleepover #creatememories #halifax #momboss #halifaxbloggers #femaleentrepreneur #creativeliving 

 #gleetribe #eastcoastslumberspecialts#slumberpartyspecialists #sleepover #creatememories #halifax #momboss #halifaxbloggers #femaleentrepreneur #creativeliving 

Summer Bucket List.

Happy weekend! This week has been busy. Between my daughters, upcoming parties, and self care. Somedays, I wish I could multiply myself by two lol! I am sure that I am not alone here.

Summer is officially here and this is my favourite season and time of the year.

The sun is just in my Latin This summer for me is very special as, for the first time in a couple of years, I will get to spend more time with my daughters and create more memories together.

I have put together my own summer bucket list, based upon chats with my 6 and 4 year olds..........I would love to know what other moms in Halifax are planning to do? Please share your hidden places and experiences with me to add more fun things to my list.

Summer Bucket List:

🏖 Beach: this is my favourite place ever. There are so magical places in the area to choose. My favourites ones: are Crystal Crescent Provincial Park Beach, and some of the beaches in the South Shore like Carter’s beach. I treasure the moments at the beach and the joy of fresh air, sand and the sound of the ocean. My daughters love it!


⛰ Trails: I have 2 little westie fur kids so spending time out is a must for us. This time of the year especially is just wonderful for walking and being in the woods. I can’t wait to have a picnic at Musquodobit trailway. They have also some train wagons and an ice cream trail that my daughters love.


⛺️Sleepover: This is a perfect all season activity . Whether you do it indoor or outdoors. So many ideas and places.The main ingredient for this is friends ! If your kids are too young for a sleepover, you can also try an afternoon sleepover, have a movie, popcorn and lollipops.


🎪Fair : I love fairs! This is one of our key activities during the Summer. I have been locally to Atlantic Playland. Kids just love it! Who doesn’t remember a delicious caramel apple or cotton candy ? I get it it not the most healthier option but from time to time why not to indulge ? 

And the list goes on and on: fishing, picnic in a park, strawberry picking, ice-cream, lemonade stand, cooking , crafts, pretend play at home, swimming, road trips in Nova Scotia or around....

I would love to know what are you planning for this summer ? and get more ideas? I can’t wait for all the memories that we will create this summer! After all this is what is all about.

  #gleetribe #eastcoastumberpartyspecialists#slumberpartyspecialists #sleepover #creatememories #halifax #momboss #halifaxbloggers #femaleentrepreneur #creativeliving