about us


Organizing any celebration for your child can be time consuming, overwhelming and costly. Our own experience hosting children events have sometimes been stressful and required a lot more planning and investment.

Glee Tribe wants to provide the tools to parents to create an ultimate slumber party experience in the comfort of their home, without compromising on the planning and fun! 

A fun, complete and innovative DIY slumber party packages that makes children events easy and ensures an awesome and memorable celebration.

Glee Tribe is the children’s slumber party expert in Canada. We started this business originally in Halifax, Nova Scotia. And We are now relocating/expanding into Ottawa/Gatineau and other cities. Stay Tuned!



We are inspired by the “hygge” way of living, and we want to bring back this timeless familiar and cozy tradition in the comfort of your home. Home is the core of friendship and family. Our Glee Tribe concept is simple and fun. 


The quality of our products and services are the core of our business.

Our products: All our tent structures have been designed and handcrafted through partnerships with local craft persons. 

We have partnered with high trade and quality standards suppliers locally and around the world to ensure we have fabrics and decorations that have a high standard in terms of design and materials.

With safety and fun being our top priorities, all of the equipment and accessories  that we supply are made with premium materials.

 We are part of the local community, and we are committed to our local business relationships.

Collaborations: We are part of a the local tribe, and we are committed to support other businesses by creating strong  and mutually beneficial collaborations. We believe it is possible to grow together and support each other to achieve our goals.

We look forward to chatting with you and providing the package that suits your needs to create an unforgettable experience.